Welcome to the website of the law firm «G. N. THEODOROPOULOS LAW FIRM» of Piraeus, Greece.


G. N. THEODOROPOULOS LAW FIRM was founded in Piraeus in 2007, succeeding the Law Office of George N. Theodoropoulos, which was founded in Piraeus in 1997.


The scope of our firm is to ensure a high service standard and serve the interests of our clients on a time-saving and cost-effective basis.


Our experienced team provides reliable legal services in a wide range of cases in Civil, Commercial, Shipping and Administrative Law, acting either as advisors or as litigators, working in a modern, digitised and pleasant working environment, fully adjusted to the new scientific developments.


We focus to a detailed overview of the various cases we handle, acting not only ex-post, but also prior to an action, and we tailor our services to the needs of each client so as to achieve commercially sound solutions, at lowest costs. In this respect, we emphasize to the standards of the services we provide, without focusing exclusively to the increase of the number of our clients.


Our legal team is respected for its consistency, flexibility and efficiency; thus we offer the credits of a law firm, on a cost-effective basis for our clients, while we devote real time to their needs, keeping always the direct contact between the lawyer and the client.


A deep acquaintance with the market and its participants, the loyalty of our clients and a successful record of transactions and disputes are considered to be the assets of our firm.