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"G. N. THEODOROPOULOS Law Firm" team consists of highly qualified lawyers with deep knowledge of the market and a high sense of responsibility towards the needs of each principal. Meet our team.


George N. Theodoropoulos

George Theodoropoulos has studied Law at the Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He started his career as trainee lawyer in 1995 and he practices as attorney since 1997, having established his first office in Piraeus. He is the founder and managing partner of “G.N. THEODOROPOULOS LAW FIRM”, founded on 2007.

He has handled successfully a great number of litigations, serving the interests of his clients before all Courts of any instance, including the Supreme Court of Appeal (Areios Pagos) and the Council of the State (Conseil d’ Etat). He brings about twenty years of experience in the courtrooms, which have formulated his belief that the attorney should have a thorough knowledge and a wide experience in a variety of issues and fields as practitioner.

George has established a reputation in civil litigation, in which he has a wide ranging and successful practice (indicatively in disputes arising from hires, adjacency, inheritances, commercial and labour disputes etc.).

He has also obtained a long-term expertise on real estate issues (indicatively sale, management and development of properties), on claims for the restoration of damages and non-material losses of any nature (indicatively car accidents, work accidents, insults against the personality etc.), on banking law issues and on management of corporate crisis.

George has also deep acquaintance of the market and its participants and provides advice to top Greek and foreign corporate clients in the fields of commerce, shipping, construction and development, acting either as counselor or as member of the board of Directors thereof.


Acting as Counselor, he focuses on the prevention of mishandling and the effective achievement of a scope, therefore he evaluates the negotiation procedure to be of prominent importance.

For this purpose and aiming to the alternative dispute resolution outside the courtrooms, George was educated as Mediator in 2013 and today he is qualified as Accredited Mediator by the Greek Ministry of Justice.

Ηe is Member in a numerous scientific and professional associations as well as Member of the Board of Directors of the “HELLENIC PROPERTY FEDERATION”, which he represents in the city of Piraeus, continuously since 1999. Under such capacity, George is co-founding Member of the “Tripartite Committee for the Settlement of Commercial Hires”, which has been established by the District of Piraeus under art. 5 of L. 4013/2011.

George is constantly participating in various scientific conferences and seminars (indicatively conferences organized by the Association of the Greek Commercialists, International Conferences of Maritime Law etc.) either as participant or as speaker, being always informed on the current scientific events.


Foreign Languages: English, French, Greek (native)
Work Languages: Greek, English, French

Naya N. Theodoropoulou

Naya Theodoropoulou is a member of the Piraeus Bar Association since 1998 and partner of the firm “G.N. THEODOROPOULOS LAW FIRM” since its foundation on 2007. She has wide experience in the fields of Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Shipping, Administrative, Banking and Financing law, having long-term co-operations with Banks, maritime companies,
shipowners and commercial corporations.


She is graduate from the Law School of Democritus University of Thrace, Northern Greece and she has completed her practical training in the Legal Council of the Greek State (at the Office of the Legal Counselor to the Minister of Health, Welfare and Social Security).


She has started her practice as lawyer, specializing in commercial, banking and shipping law, being for a number of years (October 1998 to January 2003) in-house Legal Advisor to the Greek Branch of the Dutch Bank “ABN AMRO BANK N.V.” in Kallithea, Athens, Greece, as well as to its Greek subsidiary “ABN AMRO LEASING HELLAS S.A.” and to the other Greek subsidiaries thereof, to which she has provided her services and advice on the fields of banking law, examination of the corporate customers’ documentation, financing and loan agreements of any nature, agreements on various banking products issued by the Bank (in retail banking, corporate/shipping banking, asset management and private banking), leasing agreements of equipment, immobile property and aircrafts, and in general in credit risk matters of the Bank and its subsidiaries in Greece.

At the same time, she has handled successfully many other cases of Civil and Commercial law, in particular in the fields of law of contracts of any type (timesharing agreements, franchising agreements, agency agreements, distribution agreements etc.), incorporation and operation of companies, corporate mergers and transformations, corporate due diligence, investments, sale and purchase of immobile property and vessels, port registration of vessels, industrial property and trademarks, law of competition and consumer protection.


From January 2003 until November 2013, she served as in house Legal Counsel to the maritime company “HELLENIC SEAWAYS MARITIME S.A.” (ex “HELLAS FLYING DOLPHINS MARITIME S.A.”), the largest (as to the number of vessels) coastal company in Greece at that time, operating to the Greek waters and to the wider area of the Mediterranean Sea.

Under such capacity, for more than 10 years, she has handled a wide range and a remarkable variety of cases in respect of the operation of the above company, its Group of companies and their vessels in Greece and abroad, and indicatively sale and purchase of vessels, building of new vessels (Ro-Pax HIGHSPEED 5, Ro-Pax NISSOS MYKONOS, Ro-Pax NISSOS CHIOS), conversion and modification of vessels (Ro-Pax ARIADNE, Ro-Ro OCEAN TRAILER), charter of vessels of any type and charter of vessels with sale option (Ro-Pax HIGHSPEED 2, Ro-Pax HIGHSPEED 3), banking loans and refinance of existing loans, syndicated loans and issuance of bond loans, granting of ship mortgages and other securities, provision of legal advice to the Board of Directors and the Management of the
company on various issues of their competency, handling and surveillance of various corporate issues of the company and its group as well as their compliance to the formalities imposed by Law (indicatively drafting of shareholders/board minutes, compliance to the publication procedures etc.), drafting of major commercial agreements with third parties regarding the commercial operation of the vessels (indicatively granting of the management of the bars and restaurants of the vessels to EVEREST GROUP, commercial co-operations with the telecommunication companies VODAFONE and COSMOTE), penalties/examinations of the Greek Competition Authority to the company and the coastal market in general,
drafting of agency agreements and other agreements as far as to the operation of the vessels (indicatively towage agreements, bunkering agreements etc.), handling and settlement of judicial and extra-judicial issues arising from the day-to-day business of the vessels (indicatively passenger claims, sea pollution, port fees, electronic issuance of tickets, administrative penalties, labour disputes etc.).


From May 2019 until today, she serves as a legal counsel of a major group of companies in Greece, with a wide variety of commercial activities.
She has participated in numerous legal conferences for the purpose of her constant information on the current scientific events (indicatively International Conferences of Maritime Law organized by the P.B.A., conferences organized by the Association of the Greek Commercialists, conferences organized by the Association of Judicial Studies etc.)

Foreign Languages: English, French, German, Greek (native)
Work languages: Greek, English, French


Stephanos P. Apergis

Stephanos Apergis has studied Law at the Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. He firstly joined “G.N. THEODOROPOULOS LAW FIRM” as trainee lawyer and is already an attorney since 2018, member of the “Piraeus Bar Association”.

Stephanos, showing a particular interest in the current legal events, has also
participated into numerous scientific conferences, regarding inter alia the “Cybercrime”, “Personal Data Protection (GDRP)”, “Constitutional issues arising from the current financial policy in Greece”, “Modernization of the Penitentiary System”, “Solidarity and Management of the Migration Flows”, “legal matters arising from the use of Internet”.

Furthermore, he is the elected Vice-President of the «Piraeus Trainee and Young Lawyers Association”, since February 2022.

Foreign Languages: English, French
Work Languages: Greek, English, French

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