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Real Estate Law

We offer top level legal services in the field of the Real Estate and Property Law, having a deep expertise in such field, since our office informs and represents the members of the Hellenic Property Federation in Piraeus, continuously since 1999, and has handled successfully a wide range of such cases. Indicatively, we undertake :


  • Leasing contracts of any nature

  • Sale and purchase of real estate

  • Division of real estate

  • Property Management

  • Investments in the tourist sector

  • Search of property titles and deeds

  • Land Register Law

  • Joint-ownership Law and management of building blocks

  • Tax issues


Commercial Law – Corporate Law – Banking Law – Bankruptcy Law

G. N. Theodoropoulos Law Firm has extensive experience in the field of Commercial and Corporate Law, since its members act as legal advisors to Banks, Greek and foreign corporate clients on a multiannual basis.

We have been instructed by numerous principals to serve their interests in a broad range of cases and business activities, providing full legal services either as advisors or as litigators. We tailor our services to the needs of each client so as to achieve commercially sound solutions on a cost-effective basis. Indicatively, we undertake:


  • Incorporation of companies and corporate mergers and transformation

  • Corporate organization and surveillance (drafting of Shareholders/Board minutes, compliance to the publication procedures etc.)

  • Corporate Due Diligence

  • Corporate Governance

  • Trademarks protection and industrial property

  • Contracts of any type (timesharing agreements, franchising agreements, agency agreements, distribution agreements etc.)

  • Competition Law

  • Loans and financing of any nature, including syndicated loans and bond loans

  • Leasing Contracts

  • Investments

  • Disputes arising from bankruptcy

  • Restructuring of firms in difficulty

  • Labour issues – Tax issues


Compensation Law

G. N. Theodoropoulos Law Firm has handled successfully a variety of cases claiming the restoration of damages and/or non-material losses. Our firm, indicatively, undertakes:


  • Car accidents, work accidents and sea accidents

  • Insults against the personality

  • Offences committed via the Press

  • Infringement of consumers rights

  • Unfair competition and breach of contractual obligations


Shipping Law

Having acted as Legal Counselor of shipping companies and shipowners for a consecutive number of years, our firm has extensive expertise in Shipping Law, focusing especially in the following fields:


  • Sale and purchase of vessels and pleasure boats

  • Shipbuilding contracts

  • Charter agreements of any type

  • Agency agreements and other subordinating agreements regarding the operation of the vessels

  • Ship finance

  • Seizure of vessels and ship mortgages

  • Transportation of passengers and cargo claims

  • Collision of vessels and salvage

  • Towage agreements

  • Rescue and life-saving at sea

  • Marine Insurance

  • Marine Pollution

  • Port regulations, port fees and administrative penalties

  • Sea labour disputes and sea labour accidents



G. N. Theodoropoulos Law Firm has extensive experience in representing its clients before all levels of Courts, including the Supreme Court of Appeal (Areios Pagos), the Council of the State (Conseil d’ Etat) and in any jurisdiction (including ordinary civil proceedings, protective measures and enforcement of judgments or orders). Our team is engaged in all kinds of litigation within our fields of practice.​


Arbitration - Alternative Dispute Resolution

G. N. Theodoropoulos Law Firm is staffed by lawyers who have professional culture and experience in the field of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (and in particular in Mediation and Arbitration) in Greece and abroad, aiming to the avoidance of long term disputes before the Courts. Examining deeply any specific case, we conduct our clients to the most suitable resolution, achieving the settlement of the cases timely and on a confidential basis.


Labor Law

Having handled Labour and Sea Labour cases on a long term basis, we offer integrated solutions on Labour Law issues, ensuring the rights of our clients in full. Additionally, we keep our clients constantly informed on the fast developments, which occur in the fields of labour and security insurance legislation.


Family Law – Inheritance Law

G. N. Theodoropoulos Law Firm provides full legal services in the fields of Family Law and Inheritance Law. Taking always into account the sensitive character of these cases from a data protection point of view, our lawyers handle such cases with discretion and efficiency. We undertake indicatively:


  • Divorces, child custody

  • Distribution of common property, actions for the participation to the assets of the spouse

  • Recognition and adoption of children

  • Partnership agreements

  • Publication of wills and issuance of inheritance certificates

  • Actions claiming the rights of heirs

  • Estate division

  • Tax issues


Administrative – Tax Law

Having represented numerous clients before the Administrative Authorities, the Administrative Courts and the Council of the State (Conseil d’ Etat) on various issues of Administrative and Constitutional Law (such as urban planning, lands registry, taxes, licenses, sea pollution, port fees and port regulations, civil liability of the Authorities against third parties etc.), we have a deep expertise in the administrative matters and we handle the respective issues with full reliability.


Shipping Law

Our team has a thorough knowledge of the European Union Law and the International Disputes Law. In this respect, G. N. Theodoropoulos Law Firm has also developed a permanent and reliable network of corresponding law firms located in other European and non-European counties. Therefore, we are able to fully serve the interests of both local and international clients in international disputes (civil and commercial), in due time and on a cost-effective basis.

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